Комнин – Komnin

From Historia Augusta – The Life of Lucius Verus


“For he had a golden statue made of the “Green” horse Volucer, (FLYER) and this he always carried around with him;  indeed, he was wont to put raisins and nuts instead of barley in this horse’s manger and to order him brought to him, in the House of Tiberius, covered with a blanket dyed with purple, and he built him a tomb, when he died, on the Vatican Hill. It was because of this horse that gold pieces and prizes first began to be demanded for horses,  and in such honour was this horse held, that frequently a whole peck of gold pieces was demanded for him by the faction of the “Greens”.


So – Emperor Lucius Verus had a famous horse. Mmmmn.

In the Slavic languages Комнин translates as Komnin translates as Horse translates as Comnenus.


BTW – the image above is of the horses at St Mark’s Basilica, Venice.




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