Бог- бык

2ndMarch2019 – Satan as a Man


From NC:

“By the way, in regards to the word ‘devil’. It consists of two parts: DE-VIL, i.e. GOD (DEITY )- BULL or GOD – Ox. (in Russian ‘DIAVOL’ is DEVIL: ‘DIA’ (GOD) ‘VOL’ (BULL). We would like to remind you that ‘DIA’ means God, and ‘VOL’ is a bull. Such a name befits Isaac Angelos quite well. The fact is, that according to Nicetas Choniates, he considered himself a ‘bovine emperor’. We quote: ‘Isaakios Angelos … played the role of the righteous man most masterfully …CONTINUING THE VERSES which were said OF THE BOVINE EMPEROR and mistakenly APPLYING THEM TO HIMSELF’ [141], p.5. Thus he called himself King-bull, which could have been passed on as DIA-VOL (DE-VIL), GOD-BULL”




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