The Crescent Moon with Star and the Christian Cross

Most of us have heard the “true” reason for the Christian Cross seated above the Crescent Moon. We are told that this celebrates the triumph of Christian Europeans over Islamic Ottomans.

But what if the story was completely different?

What if this….



And this…



Were one and the same thing?


From the 12th through to the 16th century, both the Crescent Moon and Star, and the Christian Cross symbolised exactly THE SAME thing. Sometimes the Star would show 4, 5, 6 or 8 points but it always accompanied the Crescent Moon. And the Crescent Moon always accompanied the Cross. Sometimes beneath the Cross as in the beautiful picture above of a Russian Orthodox Church.


Sometimes in the middle of the Cross.


And sometimes above the Cross.




By the end of the 15th century, fatal differences began to appear in Christianity which led – in the 17th century – to a complete split. Unity was replaced. Division was sown. And we are still reaping the catastrophic results today as Christian fights Muslim fights Jew fights…ad infinitum.

It is very sobering to realise that we were all — once upon a time — ONE PEOPLE.

It makes me very sad.

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