Timeline for Tartaria/Hidden History – Expanded

A few weeks ago, I posted TIMELINE FOR TARTARIA – BASIC.

I’ve been working on filling in some of the many blanks and here is Part One of xyz Parts!

There are four dates listed, as you see.

  • The date we use today.
  • The 1st Julian Calendar which starts at the MARTYRDOM of Christ.
  • The date we use today MINUS 185 years.
  • The date we use today PLUS 185 years.

185 is not a random number. It comes from the date that we know today as 1185.

I have kept all four dates here:

a) To help me (!)

b) To show some VERY interesting correlations. For example – Check out the Wikiwhatever page about the date of the first printed Bible and then look below.

DATE WE USE TODAY 1st Julian Calendar Minus 185 Plus 185 Event
1152 Andronicus I Comnenus born
1182 Andronicus returns to Yoros as Emperor
1185 0 Andronicus I Comnenus crucified
1204 19 Fall of Constantinople
1318 133 1503 Genghis Khan (Georgiy Danilovitch) begins his rule of The Empire
1329 144 1194 1514 Genghis Khan (Georgiy Danilovitch) dies at the Battle of Syt (Sitt) and is succeeded by his brother Batu Kahn (Ivan Danilovitch Kalita)
1380 195 1195 1565 Battle of Kulikovo. The victory of “Constantine” and Apostolic Christianity
1380 195 1195 1565 The Grand Khan/Great Prince issues an edict that lasts until 1600 – “All subjects are commanded to live in peace with each other, and the powerful are forbidden to oppress the poor.”
1421 263 1263 1606 Meteorite falls on Novgorod
1461 276 1276 1646 Siege of Trebizond
1486 301 1301 1671 Alliance of Horde/Ottoman Empires. The Ark of Alliance/Covenant. Suleiman (Solomon) and Grand Khan. Order of the Temple of Solomon created as spiritual knights/army of the Empire
1486 301 1301 1671 OFFICIAL start of the Julian Calendar
1492 307 1307 1677 Resurrection of Christ as an icon. Split from Grand Khan as a man
1492 307 1307 1677 King of France destroys the Order of the Temple of Solomon/Templars – October 12th.

Columbus sails West across the Atlantic.

1493 308 1308 1678 Columbus sails to the Caribbean and takes over the Templar base there. The House of Hapsburg (the Laskaris descendants of Andronicus I Comnenus) begin their plan to occupy the World.
1493 308 1308 1678 A European Alliance begins to challenge the House of Bourbon-Anjou (the Angelos descendants of Andronicus I Comnenus)
1503 318 1318 1688 From 1503 to 1528 the two Byzantine Comnenus families – Angelos (Bourbon-Anjou) and Laskaris (Hapsburg) – struggle against each other for Imperial Rights over the World
1528 343 1343 1713 From 1528 to 1540 the Comnenus families negotiate for new powers and design a new chronology.
1540 355 1355 1725 Work begins on the Gregorian Calendar
1540 355 1355 1725 185 years added to History
1540 355 1355 1725 The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is formed to promote a global pact to legitimise the “historical” powers of the Kings and Queens
1540 355 1355 1725 The Treaty of Vienna is signed and sealed; wherein all the new European States are divided and given their own powers
1563 378 1378 1748 Pope proclaimed Universal Church Leader
1567 382 1382 1752 First Vulgate Bible written (St Jerome)
1582 397 1397 1767 The Gregorian Calendar is fully established
1583 398 1398 1768 JJ Scaliger promotes (begins?) his chronology
1592 407 1407 1777 The Official version of the Catholic Bible is published. It has been edited and presented as Divine Revelation and any outside interpretation is forbidden
1600 415 1415 1785 The Bible as we know it today is written
1640 455 1415 1825 First printed Bible
1650 1465 1465 1835 This is the date when the Phantom 1000 years of the “Pax Romana” was added to the 1st Julian Calendar


There is so much more to come.

6 thoughts on “Timeline for Tartaria/Hidden History – Expanded

  1. I always wondered why we know more about the more ancient? Western Roman Empire than the more recent Eastern Roman Empire. Now I know. Also, I read that General Patton used Julius Caesar’s book about European geography to guide his movements across France into Germany in WW11. 300-400 years rather than almost 2000 makes alot more sense to me.

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