Griffin, Wyvern or Zilant?

I am a bit confused about the Tartar Flags.



Is this a Griffin? Wyvern? Zilant? Dragon? Cockatrice?

I used to work in a building called Wyvern House and the statue outside looked very like the creature on the Tartarian flag.











The problem for me is the triangular bit at the end of the tail.

“An interesting old description of this khan’s emblem is placed in the essay by Carlus Alard (published in 1705 in Amsterdam, translated in Russian in 1709): “The flag of the tsar from Tatarstan, yellow with black lying and facing the dragon (the great serpent) with a basilisk tail. ” Indication that the sign or emblem of the Tatar khans is a dragon, or a winged serpent, can be found in Russian authors, but without repossession and colorful reproduction of the emblem.”


Just saying :o)

There is a nice article on European Dragons HERE

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