Universities or Universe Cities?

Wow! Neee Naaa Neee Naaa —-  Breakthrough happening here!

In an older post….

Timeline for Tartaria/Hidden History New Update 

…I made a comment about the fact that I didn’t understand why the Fake History dates for the foundation of Universities had 2 x 185 = 370 years taken away. Why the “official narrative” had bumped these institutions backwards on the timeline.


I’ve just watched something on YT about John Dee and the Tudors. So we are in the 16th century here.

And a comment is made about how certain information (far too big and flammable for a just few peeps to decode and use) had to be understood and disseminated and established and perverted in/to/amongst a wider brain power.

Tah Dah. Universities.

Universe – Cities.

Woe betide the ones who think independently. Just thrust them all into pretty, falsely dated buildings where we can produce/control/indoctrinate/worship THE EXPERTS.


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