Why were the Mamelukes Annihilated in 1811?

OK – Second question first. Who were the Mamelukes?

As always, there is the ever un-reliable Wiki,


This wikiwhatever page is strangely similar to the one about the Janissaries!



The history books tell us that the Mamelukes were the Islamic rulers of medieval Egypt. Former Caucasian slaves, they took power in around 1250 after their capture of King Louis IX of France during the Seventh Crusade. (I like the fact that during this “Crusade”, Shajar al-Durr, the wife of the recently deceased Sultan of Egypt took command of the Mamelukes and kicked the French good time :o)

Again – like the Janissaries – were these people slaves or Slavs?

Yup, they were Europeans. “MOST OF THEM  constituent peoples of different Christian possession, such as: Albanians, Serbs, Italians, Spaniards, and some of the Germans. ”

Not only were they Europeans. They were European Christians.

The history books also tell us that the Mamelukes were reluctant Christians, who allowed themselves to be baptised but, as a form of rebellion, they wore the sign of the Cross on their heel. So that, even in the very simple act of walking, they crushed Christ into the dust.

Here is a picture (taken from New Chronology) of a modern Coptic Christian wearing his cross in the age old manner.



My apologies but I’m stopping this post for the moment.

And no, I haven’t answered the question in the title.

Y’know when you have a mad idea and it suddenly becomes a lot less mad? Well,

That’s just happened – a connection made.

I need to do more research.

Back later :o)



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