Anne Boleyn or is that Elena?

Anne Boleyn

“I charge thee, fling away ambition:
By that sin fell the angels.”


Or Nan Bullen as the common folk called her.

As with Katherine, her story is too well-known to repeat. In the play, Anne is the enchantress. The bad woman.



Elena of Moldavia/Elena Voloshank

Elena apparently married Ivan the Terrible’s son, Ivan Ivanovich.

I have no sources for Elena but please refer to –


Number 4 – The Truth?


Elena, like Anne, represents a Reformation. A new type of religion that brought about great and bloody change.

I can conjecture about her reflections in Fake History. She is also Diane de Poitiers and (oh, my broken heart) Mary Stuart/Mary, Queen of Scots.

In the history of the British Isles, there is one bright, tragic figure. Mary Stuart. But what if she is a twisted memory of someone exiled to England, imprisoned and summarily executed.

In the 16th century, England was a territory under the rule of the Empire. Maybe Zoë was served justice after all.


“In her days every man shall eat in safety 
Under his own vine what he plants; and sing 
The merry songs of peace to all his neighbours.” 

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