Three months worth of rain in one week.

RAF Chinooks called out to rescue a whole village in my county.

Madness every which way you turn. Soooo –

I’ve decided to mess about with time (!) and talk the Solstice. 21st June.

In the UK, Midsummer and Stonehenge are strongly linked. I used to drive past Stonehenge every day – to and from work. It is a special place.




“Heart Chakra

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge as well as the surrounding areas of Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury and Dorset all form the heart chakra of Mother Earth. Where Stonehenge is constructed is the strongest point of all of this energy. Again, the Female Great Dragon Ley Line connects Uluru to Stonehenge.”


This Ley Line energy stretches quite far across the SW of England. It includes Glastonbury.

Many, many people know this in their hearts. They sense the sanctity. But…

,,,like so much in life today, the sacred has been perverted, converted, inverted by man. All is now blood-stained. Webs have been spun. So many webs that we can no longer see or feel what our ancestors were born knowing.

A good mystery story should always have a denouement. Triumph and Disaster. Good defeats Evil.

I always acknowledge Midsummer. In Scandinavia, where the summer is so short, this day is a collective holiday where families come together to celebrate the joy and blessings of nature. Nice :o)

Now. Guess who has words to say on this subject? :o)


“Not only is it Sum­mer Sol­stice,

there is a Full Moon.

May love sur­round you like sun­shine on a sunny day.”


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