Just Down the Road from Bakhchisarai…

,,,is a place called Chufut-Kale


Me…months ago….Chufut-Kale



“Chufut-Kale was revered as the second most holy city after Jerusalem.”


Andronicus I Comnenus and his mother spent a long time here.

She was buried here.


“In the 6th century, one of the most famous cave cities, Crimea, presumably built by the Alans and existed until the 19th century, arose 3 kilometers from modern Bakhchisarai. Kirk-Yer became the center of a small feudal principality.Before the construction of the new capital of the Crimean Khanate, Bakhchisarai, the “cave city”, called Chufut-Kale, was the main trade and craft center of this part of the Crimea decline only in the XIX century and was abandoned by the inhabitants.”






“Stone gravestones from the crypts of the necropolis in the Gorge of Mary, near Chufut-Kale. On the tombstone on the left we see the Christian cross, and on the right gravestone is the Qatari (CATHAR) cross.”

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