1492 – 1776


21st Feb 2019  – Was Christopher Columbus Greek?

18th May 2019  – The Republic of Genoa

4th Feb 2019 – Hernando Colón



“Not all historical documents are destroyed yet. It is possible to reconstruct the history of the “new continent” between the arrival of Christopher Columbus, in 1492 and 1776. Christopher Columbus was a mercenary of the Spanish Kingdom. This period is a history of relentless War, Robbery, Murder, Genocide, Occupation and Exploitation. In the 16th century the then known world was divided by an imaginary line from the north to south between the Portuguese and the Spanish Kingdom mediated, sanctioned and blessed by the Almighty of the Jesus-people, represented by his Deputy, the head of the Vatican Kingdom. The Spanish Kingdom could enjoy its monopoly on the “new continent” for a few decades only.”

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