Story Time


Edited to protect the innocent.

An army Leaving Do for an RSM (who had been front page news on a Sunday newspaper days before as a lying. cheating husband) in an Indian restaurant.

I was a 6month single parent. Usual crap. Working hard for the MOD with the and for the MEN.

Wives of said MEN set me up. I needed a babysitter for my boys. My nextdoorneighbour (a serving soldier – female) was sooooo happy to get me a young, good looking recruit from her base in Chichester.

Anyways – long story short.

The Witches set me up for a 3some. Thinking that I was on their V ibe and they could blackmail me.

‘T’would’ve been a double rape. Or the attempt at it!

Thankfully I was saved by 3 friends. Out of a group of 40 witnesses.

I reported my evil bitch neighbour to her Commanding Officer in Chichester. In for writing. My handwriting. Not computer crap.

Said neighbour got a Promotion.

I got a whole world of pain and nearly had my boys taken from by

me those “in charge.”



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