Insane GB Hybrid Theory

About Medieval depictions of hybrids. As seen in the image above and lots of other places.

I’m a bit of a Native. Who understands spirit animals and energies.


GB : 18th Dec 2019


Native Americans understood too. They called them Totem Poles.

Vikings understood. Berserkers would wear bear/wolf skins.

Check out Herne the Hunter with his antlers.

Tartary had an Owl on it’s flag.

Hercules wore a Lion skin.

King Arthur was said to dwell with ravens.

Isis was the Egyptian Goddess of the Cobra.


I have NO IDEA why – but for me it has always been the Wolf and the Crow.

And I love/adore horses too. But they scare the begorrah outta me :o(


We all can take on the energy of any animal that we need at any time.

If you understand the lore.

A MURDER of Ravens ? ? ? 

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