My Challenge of the Day was Laughed At.

I challenged certain peeps very close to me to drive to Lincoln Hospital today and SEE how many cars are in their VERY expensive carpark.

How many patients are in this meandering building.

How many peeps are waiting in great pain in A&E.

Quote :


“So YOU are telling me that every single hospital in the UK is empty?”


Challenge not taken with an “I DON’T CARE. LOLOLOLOL.”

P.S. I’ve not actually checked this hospital. But I DID gatecrash the local surgery last Friday ( I refuse to stand humilated in a Q for three hours even though they have THE most magnificent fir trees in the old gardens) and asked very politely if I could pick up a repeat prescription at the Dispensary.

The mahoosive house that was once the town’s Vicarage was filled with….2 girls behind the desk. 1 cleaner. ME and another gatecrasher picking up VITAL meds for the oldies that SHE CARES FOR.

Dispensary girls times two, put on masks before talking to me.


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