I chose my nom de plume for a very specific reason.

GG never actually said irl “I want to be alone.” Only in films.

IRL she said….see title above?

I’ve done some Grand Hotel vibes.

The Savoy, London.

The Ritz, Paris times 4

The Sheraton, Dubai, AbuDhabi.

Burg Khalifa, Dubai.

Ambassadors Hotel, Rome.

Some hotel about 30 seconds away from St Mark’s Square, Venice that I can’t remember the name of right now but have a video posted here of me and sis in law feeding the birds at breakfast.

Hang on. BRB.


OK. This is ME on yt. FUCKING DELETED. MY video. MY life. MY holiday. WTF?


She’s Gonna Kill Me


WOW. The EVIL has gone deeper that even I ever imagined :o(

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