Apologies but…

…today I’ve been sent down the Basic route. Whatev’s.

If you watched the GB : Ted Shred just posted (I managed about 6 minutes, BARF) y’all will’ve got the urge to go and PROVE Your manhood to sow, monkey, any available female (?!)

Is yt Twisted and Evil?

Well. MY BAD. I forgot to mention in…

This post from almost 9am this morning

That a certain yt commenter called Jason Hand (Thank me now for the shout out Mr Hand?) thanked me on a Jon Levi video (the one that Jon Levi and not yt pulled because I accused him and Sarah (Sera Tonin) Tonen of stealing MY work) for shouting him out.

He/IT also said that everyone wears masks (?)

I don’t.

He/IT also said that my yt channel had NO content.

No, you stupid arse. I have a website.

He/IT accused me of being a Freemason Troll.

Urrrm. Several posts here tell how MY family have NEVER EVER lodged with the lodge!!!! Check it out?

And HE/IT also made a truly revolting sexual comment about women and their sex preference for dolphins.

Aimed at my yt profile pic of me and a dolphin

WHO is the sick one ?


I’m confused :o(

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