Foregone Conclusion!

This is my 3rd time of trying to post this post.

Unfortunately – I’ve lived with this POS in many guises my entire life. But…..BUT…This Incarnation is BEYOND EVIL.

IT came to light on yt as a tool called V – who just Loved The Threats IT put out there.

Eventually IT morphed into Amanda B. More threats. More tools/moderator powers/victims.

From the very F1RST it named IT Lady Macbeth.

This is MY CROSS to bear. Knowing every single FAF name IT uses on yt.

Anyways. Back to post that just got hacked and destroyed…..

HGS. A TRUE TRUTHER whom I’ve shared many a time here has been……..!

How about this? And Just How Long this POS has hounded me?

GB 4th Feb 2019 : Cannibals – A Psy Op?

Excusez Moi – I have not and will NEVER be apart of “your” Death” Cult/Adrenochrome/Baby Eating/Blood-sucking/Red Mercury/Vampire/Neo-Controller/All-powerful Mod/Hacker/Tracker/Stalker/Kill Them ALL/NWO/SpaceFarce/Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man after Midnight/Black/Satanic/Raise the Devil/Barf CLUB.


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