A Personal Message to the yt chan known as UAP

I told you almost 18 months ago that IT was the Devil’s Daughter (whatever name IT chooses to use) and will use IT’s perceived power to….?

But – NO. I just HAD to be banned. SILENCED. Ridiculed. Publicly Humiliated. Trolled. Sent DEATH threats. Called every NASTY name under the sun. Ignored. Dissed. Ghosted. Blocked. Unanswered. RUINED – work, life, reputation, family etc. HATED. Stolen from. Used. ABUSED. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually MURDERED. Brought to my kitchen floor in a V ery Real NEAR DEATH experience. Villified. Traduced. Slandered. Libelled. LIED ABOUT. Disappeared. Imitated but NEVER surpassed. Laughed at. NEVER EVER THANKED/ACKNOWLEDGED/GIVEN A CHANCE TO SPEAK.

And all that from someTHING that has NEVER met me. Doesn’t KNOW me. But is more than willing to use MY research for his own benefit and Even WORSE – Pass MY research onto other people to use and abuse just to make themselves RICH and FAMOUS. LOVED and ADORED. And able to declare that THEY are changing lives every day in every way with every video that they upload.

P.S. Doesn’t making a video to post on yt mean talking to yourself for endless hours in a little room and then just sitting back to read all the love-bomb comments that y’all so desperately need to make you feel manly and worthy and AWESOME?

Just saying :o)

P.P.S. D’y’all remember, from last year, when I said…



Catch ME If (lol) U Can, pet.

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