Toxic Timelines & The Crystalline Grid

GB : 7th July 2019

I’ve spoken several times about The Crystalline Grid and Ley Lines. And timelines. And Ancestral Clearing of Toxic Timelines.

Something has shifted in the last 6 weeks because of the eclipses and moons.

Sagittarius. Cancer. Capricorn. Or The Warrior. The Home. The Devil.

Tonight is a New Moon. In Cancer. The sign of HOME.

Unfortunately…not enough is being done to repair the Crystalline Grid. The focus RIGHT NOW is on Europe’s Toxic Timelines.

Oh. Crap.

That’ll be why all the ghosties and ghoulies and long leggity beasties are RAMPANT with their masks and their fakery right now.

Now….Here U go again….as Stevie Nicks sang.

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