Linking the Links

One of the very first posts that I made on this website was –

GB 31st July 2018 : Did You Know?

Did I know (?!) that all this time later, this would prove prophetic ?

I’ve just rewritten Scota’s journey from Egypt.

Sail up the Nile into the Med. Turn west. Bob about the North coast of Africa. Go north and hit the Balearic Islands (not impossible with wind and sails and tides.) Head west again and hit mainland Spain by the River Ebro. Travel up the Ebro path via land and hit Coruña.

Sail out of Coruña and (being subject again to wind and tides) hit Brittany, North West France. Set sail again, west and hit Cornwall, South West England. Then onto the coast of West Wales, Anglesey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Scottish Isles (Dalriada), mainland Scotland.

How did I “make” this made journey up?

Via language.

There is something quite similar to the languages of all countries mentioned.

P.S. Returning to the beginning. The Coelbren Alphabet (WELSH) has been used to translate Etruscan pottery.

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