GB 26th Jan 2019 : Metropolis

Check out the above post.

And then check out the video below. Especially THE DATE of the PREMIERE!!!!

The creator went on to make another video about the film too. And claimed ALL kudos for himself. As if the idea just flew in from empty air like a bat.

A yt channel which, even today, I AM BANNED FROM! My name reviled and all contact from me totally ignored!

A yt channel that was the SOURCE of a nearly 2 year long HATE-FILLED HATE CAMPAIGN against ME and MY WORK. His little vampirettes just followed their MASTER’s example and stole and posted and stole and butchered and stole and pronounced it ALL their OWN work.

And what did the Master do? Well, he just sat back behind his vamps and watched them destroy me publicly on every single yt channel that I ever commented on.

Why did he do this? Well, so that when the TRUE truth came out, he could claim complete and total innocence of all and every crime.


D’y’all understand Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources?

I doubt it V ery much :o(

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