Population Increases in the 1800’s

I’ve had a very disturbing thought that has been dogging my recent foray into Victorian research.

Put together the following :

The Massive Popularity of “Newly” built Mental Asylums.

The Victorian Baby-Farming Scandals.

The HUGE population explosion.

The amount of orphans available for adoption.

How many families got rid of their unwanted daughters by sending them away to some “Nuthouse.”

The Strict Moral Codes placed on the women at this time.

The predilection for men to seek company other than his lawful wedded wife to assuage his baser needs.

I’ve yet to find absolute proof that Mental Asylums of the 19th century were just glorified (and free of charge) brothels, but…!!!

Now – that IS a disgusting thought.

P.S. And (apart from the baby part) this applies to Male Mental Asylums too :o(

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