Valentine Vox

GB : Population Explosion in the 1800’s

Whilst I have yet to find any solid evidence for my latest theory, (see link above) everything that I am reading is bringing me closer to the exact same conclusion.

There was something TRULY rotten about Victorian Madhouses.

” This was especially the case in private, often unregulated institutions. Under the guidance of canny physicians and entrepreneurs who recognised the potentially lucrative rewards to be had by a properly-managed private asylum industry, the private madhouse business – the ‘trade in lunacy’ – flourished. The most attractive of these enterprises, the ones that were designed to reassure and to appeal to the fee-paying middle and upper classes, were given comfortable names such as the ‘Retreat,’ the ‘Home,’ or the ‘Lodge.’”

OK. So who funded these places?

Yes. The “private” ones set up as businesses, but what about the public ones?

If you watched the video about Amelia Dyer, you’ll’ve seen just how much money a baby can bring in. And – then as now – it’s all about MONEY.

I’ve been reading some original Victorian documents on this subject. There are also many novels dealing with it too. The book in the image above is one and so are the novels of Dickens and Wilkie Collins.

When you understand that the “Victorians” were absolute masters at the clever euphemism and could talk around a truly horrific truth as many times as needed to obfuscate the original meaning, you can read between the lines (?)

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