The Hidden World of the Harem

I have written about this subject before.

GB 14th Feb 2020 : Harem

It’s one of those things that never fails to make my blood boil! I wasn’t called Militant Millie for nothing.

MS History like that in the video below has, in my humble opinion, done MUCH to ruin, silence, victimise the female half of the Human Race.

So – in effect – it’s perfectly OK for women to be kidnapped and enslaved by men expressly for the use of SEX. Because this is what has always happened (?!)

And, us females are so weak and stupid that we have always submitted to this kind of treatment with a stiff upper lip and extreme gratitude.

There have been exceptions. Strong and courageous females who have taken complete control of their lives but…they usually get “labelled” as Trouble-Makers or Man-Haters or Lesbians or MAD.

The sad fact is – once upon a time – women and men WERE equal partners who shared the ups and downs of life with mutual respect and admiration.

P.S. It is even stated in the programme here that “writing about the Harem and the Sultan’s “women” is a SIN.”

That is a PERFECT way to avoid the fact that there is Very Little True Knowledge about this subject. It is ALL based on speculation :o(

OH. One more thing – WHY were these Sex Slaves always Slavs or from the Caucasus???

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