The DARK Ego

Welcome to History of the DARK Ego.

It’s repeated again and again through time. Mars (EGO/Male) in it’s darkest time.

The victims are ALWAYS innocent. But………they can be pushed only so far until……..BOOM!

GB 4th June 2019 : Lavinia and Lucretia

SELF QUOTE of Mine Own Words :

She is the symbol of abuse that transcends time and space. Shorn of all her divine rights.

The double rape takes away her chastity, dignity and self-respect. The cutting off of both her hands destroys her ability to function normally.

The cutting out of her tongue silences her. Forever.

She is the Sacrifice of the Innocents in every way,shape and form. The lesson always repeated but never learned.

P.S. I am NOT a Man-Hater. I quite like Men. When they are MEN and NOT “monsters.” :o)

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