My Plot is #LOST

I do NOT mind admitting a weakness/frailty/mental health problem.

Today – I officially LOST THE PLOT! And as a human race – we have gone WAY far beyond the need to apologise for all the pain and torture being inflicted on us, every second of every day. Sue ME!

Who the fluff scripted this crappy play? Whomever IT is should be thrown down an oubliette – at the very least.

We now have yt commenters asking about what is coming. Beyond Biblical?

GB : Today posted at 12:21 : What Lies Beneath?

Once or twice a cross-over of me here and them there can be shrugged off but…DAY IN. DAY OUT? TIME AFTER TIME?

A new ytoobsies is now a Barbaria Aussie and the avatar is a red and yellow Cathar flag.

Scotland has suddenly produced an amazing amount of ytoobsiers.

And that is the least important of the BS du jour!

What do/did the ElmerFed’s teach at Quantico?

A coincidence is a coincidence is a coincidence. Is a Coincidence?

I think not. CASE CLOSED!

Take this or Leave this.

I’m joining the SCREAMING Out Loud in a Padded Cell StraightJackets!!!!

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