Who was The Hammer of the Scots?

Your starter for ten!


And who was his daughter-in-law?

The SHE-WOLF was

And what did she do to her husband?

Isabella was the daughter of “Philppe le Fair” – aka the handsome one.

And WHO publicly claimed a bloodline to the SHE-WOLF – the wifey who very nicely ordered that a poker be stuck up her husband’s xyz?

Welcome to the WHYtoob classroom aka The KNOW-ALL

I was there in the live chat but did NOT chat. On the 16th March 2019 I KNEW that I was face-to-face with the Auld Enemy.

P.S. The chat is interesting…not least because certain names have now been removed from y-bother-toob :o)

GB 28th August 2019 : NOT JUST i & j

OK. I get it. A handsome man with a smoochy voice on a video or someone stealing another person’s work and life is soooooooo much easier to learn TRUTH from than doing the hard work of studying the books written by people who have spent a whole life time researching and reading and writing.


And they still all slobber over it. Barf.

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