January 2019 : Tartary – A Modern Hijack

January 2019 : Tartary – A Modern Hijack

Ain’t it grand to be ignored….NOT!

Every single person is now an HEXPERT on Tartary.

P.S. If y’all EVER see that word in a yt vid or as a FAF yt chan name/commenter………RUN AWAY.

Puhlease. For the love of True Truth. I beg you. Please ?

Case Proved?

They just want the MONEY and the GLORY and the FAME.

Call me every name y’all want. I’ve had just about every single insult about me published publicly.

Not even two NDE’s since Jan 2019 have stopped MY True Truth. BUT…”I MUST be idle.”

Crack on Mrs – Hamlet married an Aussie :o)

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