IT Just Keeps Getting Worse

GB 15th of December 2020 : Angels in Care Homes

GB 18th of April 2020 : DNR

My GIRL worked in Private Care Homes in South Wales for almost 30 years before that Court Case.

The two “women?” who worked for her were only after about £1k each.

£93k now?

My Nan’s house, land, furniture from HER parents, clothes, books, photos, LIFE were also stolen.

I got her two wedding rings and one engagement ring. She’d been married twice. Only her second husband, George (my grandad) had bothered to buy her an engagement ring.

Oh. And my brothers’ and I received a cheque each from Nan’s estate. Value £3.

My Mum’s elder sister – days after – bought a NEW house. A brand new car for her daughter. And her 3 granddaughters (birthed by her daughter from 3 different fathers) lots of stuff that they #needed.

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