Little Shop Of Horrors – Mean Green Mother From Outer Space

GB 8th of January 2020 : Venus Fly Trap

As I told y’all then and I can still tell you – the TRUE story about my son’s Venus Fly Trap plant in that LIVE Chat on the UAV Channel got me banned for LIFE! By VenusRose.

Whatever. I’m so past that V– sign.

But the collective energy is still EXACTLY the same now as it was in 2019. All IT wants is FOOD. Accolades. Recognition. ArseKissers. FANS. BrownNosers.

And when IT doesn’t get all the above – IT spits Malice and Spite at those who MUST FEED IT.

Go figure.

FEED VR? Virtual Reality? Feed AI? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Feed AB – uses?

Tomorrow IS the beginning of the END of the FAKE REIGN of IT and IT’S Useless Idiots & 12 Flying Monkeys.

Thank God :o)

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