The Haunting : 34 Years Later

This is the F1RST Christmas Eve in the last 34 years that I’ve been able to let go/have a laugh/not stress/not sob my heart out.

I’ve done this film several times before. Like – 17th of August 2019

And still we Carry On with the Programming. Eleanor had to DIE saving the murdered children.

Theo – the Rich Bi-Sex Bitch and the Dr SURVIVED.

PROGRAMMED (too many letters in that word for the USofA?)

How about FAVOURED? And My own personal FAVOURITE…DISORIENTATION/DISORIENTATED? Are one or two extra letters SO REPULSIVE? I actually saw a comment on from the US saying that disorientated MUST be a “made up” word!

Ooops. Got side-tracked there by a RANTY Rant.

Here is THEO. Prada Boots/Prada Sunglasses/The DEVIL Wears Prada?

And here is Eleanor/Nell

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