JJ Part 2 : Hamlet vs Marilyn

Just to clear the air and set the RECORD STRAIGHT…Yesterday’s music share about Janis Joplin was dedicated to the mother of my closest friend.

The mother who met Bob Marley. Whose family was half white Jamaican.

She was an Art Teacher and a beautiful woman who suffered much in life. Especially the divorce from her husband who’d strayed and then cudgelled her into taking the FULL BLAME.

A few years later she had a 4th child. Half White Jamaican, Half Black Jamaican.

This friend’s mother always reminds me of Janis Joplin and THIS song. I LOVED her and I LOST her too, when she died. She left us in a wicker coffin decorated with fresh sunflowers. So fitting for a Hippy Art Teacher.

It had Feck All to do with Hamlet, hen :o)

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