How Great Thou Art : GB8thApril2019


Just because I was not ReligionProgrammed.

Just because I went OFF SCRIPT.

Just because I found Glory & Wonder outside of a Congregation/Church/MindControl…

…Has NEVER meant that I am a total MindFluff.

I found my FAITH inside of ME.

OK. Rewind. Repeat. Re – Ignored Vibe.

P.S. In my new novel I have a female character. She is young and Welsh and in my notes she is called The Patriot. As in – she loves HER land. HER home. HER native soil.

Spoiler : The displaced Kievan Rus’ Aleksander and she might have a bit of a shared vibe ? ? ? :o)

To Save y’all a couple of minutes – Her name is pronounced Hlay-kee!

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