I’ve done this before.

Harlaxton is a strange building in need of an “expert” dome decode. Puhlease. EXPLAIN HOW LINCOLNSHIRE HAS THIS BUILDING !

17th of August 2019 : And yes…that vid has since been deleted. It happens.

Even today. All this time later. I’m seeing the same vibe. THE HAUNTING.

Those whole take and take and takers. They POSSESS. They HAVE to be in control. Even when they are selling BS stolen from others.

I love Eleanor. She came to save the children. But that was too noble a thing to do so she HAD to be killed. By the BEAST. Whilst the fake doctor and the girl more obsessed with her boyfriend and her girlfriend and her Gucci/Prada boots survived.

Well, who’d’ve thunk?

Watch the film.

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