24th July 2019 : GB being GB ?

The post of that date was How To Heal The World in One Easy Lesson.

I’ll cut and paste mine own words.

It starts with YOU.

Yes. You and me and the bloke down the road can all heal the world, right here, right now.


Well. The cheapest, easiest and quickest way is to step away from the madmadmadness of this life,

Go inside yourself and ask for help. It’s there. Just waiting for you to get down off your High Horse and ask. Ask for help… help to heal and to love yourself.


Well. Actually it is and it’s not.

It’s simple but also BRUTAL.

The Divine operates under the Law of Tough Love.

You need a Brave Heart and an Iron Will.

But the rewards are exponential.

Healing yourself in the present also heals all timelines.

The karma of the past (the ancestors) and the future (those yet to be born.)

That is how POWERFUL each one of us is.

If only we’d been taught this at school (!)

Like everyone else, I have been broken and betrayed more times than I care to remember but there is ALWAYS something there to make this totally unimportant.

The hug of a child.

The sight of flower unfolding.

The door being held open for me by an old-fashioned gentleman.

The smell of my late dog.

The sound of a wild pheasant shouting at me to wake up and feed them all.

The taste of a homemade beef stew.

The overwhelming temptation of a warm, sunny day.

Bees buzzing, bells ringing, laughter, music, warm grass under bare feet, a hot bath, the sound of families arguing, (yes…that can be good sometimes. Pent up rage causes cancer etc and when directed at total strangers – ?)

I could go on.

We are given the Dark Night of the Soul for a reason. Fight or flight?

I’m so NOT perfect. I am Wabi Sabi – Perfectly Imperfect :o)

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