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From that day to this I’ve been hunted. What did I do wrong?

Look for your selves.

Timeline for Tartaria – Basic

Thursday, 3 January 2019, 15:55

More and more people are waking up to the fact that our history has been altered.

For the past few decades, mountainous amounts of work by many people has been done to reclaim some of the truths. At the modern forefront of this task has been Anatoly Fomenko and his team whose meticulous research has led the way towards light.

What comes below is owed – in great part – to Fomenko et al. They laid the foundations. Some of it comes from my own research. And all of it is open to (and the responsibility of) all of us to investigate.

And I will elaborate on every statement made here in 100,000 future posts. So….

History as we know it today was “created” at the beginning of the 17th century. From that day to this, the “New History” has been refined.

Why? And especially,….Why the 17th century? The Reformation and the Counter-Reformation are clues but the MAIN reason may be exposed at the end of this post.

If you know nothing about the Great History Scam this will make no sense. If you know something about it, you will know that there are NO SURVIVING WRITTEN RECORDS from before the 10th/11th cc.

So let’s begin with the years we now call –


The founding of the First Romean Kingdom of Old Rome in Egypt with its capital at Alexandria.

This kingdom is also know as The Empire of Romea (Romean Empire.) Better known to us as The Byzantine Empire whose holy burial ground was in African Egypt on the banks of the Nile. The Romean Empire lasted from the 11th to the 13th century.

During the 11th century the Romean Empire moved its Kingdom north from Egypt to a much more strategically superior site on the Eastern side of the Bosphorus about 30km north-east of modern-day Istanbul.

They called their city YOROS (which still survives) Yoros is another name for Jerusalem and this city was also called Czar-Grad (City of the Czar) and the second Rome AND Troy.

During this time the Romean Empire had many, many provinces, the largest of which was Rus’ (Russia)

1100 – 1200

During the first half of this century a Rus’ woman was born at Cape Florient in Crimea. She married a Comnenus Byzantine Emperor from Yoros and in 1152 she returned to Cape Florient to give birth to her first child – Andronicus Comnenus otherwise known as JESUS CHRIST.

The Mandylion or The Face Not Painted by Human Hand

Andronicus and his mother (MARY) spend many years travelling the Romean Empire after the death of the Emperor and in 1183 Andronicus returned to Yoros to seize the (Byzantine) throne from his cousin. He implemented huge reforms that curtailed the greed and power of his family, bringing prosperity to his people. This brought much hatred from the elite and in 1185 he was CRUCIFIED in Yoros.


In the early years of the century, the mother of Andronicus returned to her homeland, Cape Florient, Crimea where she died and was buried at Chufut-Kale.

The Kingdom’s capital moved south again to Constantinople across the Bosphorus from Yoros.

At the same time “The Crusades “began . A Horde/Army descended. For years they ransacked and burnt the capital, looting it of all it’s precious icons. Between 1204 and 1261 the Great Trojan War played out. The First World War.

Many of Andronicus’ relations were forced to flee. Some went to Trebizond, some went to Russia where they formed a new dynasty with its capital city on the meeting point of the rivers Oka and Volga. They named this city Yaroslavl (Novgorod Veliky and NOT the modern Novgorod)

It was during this time, also, that a huge split occurred in the Christian Church between the Royal Family (Bloodline) Christianity and the Apostolic Christianity.

1300 – 1400

This century began with the Great Slavic Conquest of the World by Andronicus’ descendants. The Great Russian/Mongolian (Russian word Mnogo means MANY)/TARTARIAN/Golden HORDE expanded into Europe, Eurasia, Africa, AMERICA. They had generations in which to breed horses on the Steppes, to grow enough food to feed and nourish their Cossacks (Military/Cavalry) and their people (Civilian)

At the end of this century, “Constantine” declared the Bloodline Christianity PAGAN and made Apostolic Christianity the STATE RELIGION.


The Great Empire flourished, expanded all over the known world but their strength and their influence had become too great. By the 1600’s the House of Romanov had risen and they, along with many others, were committed to destroying every last trace of Andronicus Comnenus (Jesus Christ) and his family. The century started with a civil war that eventually utterly destroyed TARTARIA and the True History of our World.

All the above needs re-reading for it to settle in.

This is just a VERY BASIC outline.

There is SO MUCH MORE!

A few weeks later I named the 1300’s as the GREAT HISTORICAL RESET. The Hordes went to the Steppes of Russia to regather themselves.

Thank you so much, Sita.

P.S. I’m 7,451 posts later and still NO ONE will say my name in public. FACT!

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