2nd Jan 2019 : Did the “ancient Gauls” Have WIFI?

Today it has a fancier pantsier name : Antiquitech.


MY article –

Did the “Ancient Gauls” have WIFI?

Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 15:58

Iwill start this post with a …..


None of these posts will be neat or tidy.

My aim at the moment is to write about whatever I am discovering/uncovering/recovering.

Hopefully -in time- we will have a sort of model to work from.

Nil desperadum!

OK. Back online, Did the “Ancient Gauls” have WIFI?

This could be seen as a Very Stupid Question. Or…Maybe….a hidden history clue.

I will let Caesar speak all the way from winter 53-52BC.

‘The report [of the massacre] was conveyed to all the states of Gaul with great speed. For whenever anything important or remarkable occurs, they transmit the news by shouting across the fields and regions; others then take it up and pass the news on to the next in line, and this is what happened on this occasion. For the things that were done in Cenabum at sunrise were heard in the lands of the Arverni before the end of the first watch [6-9pm] – a distance of approximately 160 miles.’

So. A winter sunrise to first watch will be under 12 hours. 160 miles is from where I live in the middle of Lincolnshire to the Scottish borders. You can work it out in your region too.

It’s a heck of a long way.

How did this happen?

How did news travel so far, so fast half a century before Christ was supposedly born? That Caesar Geezer sounds well pissed off.

Apparently, France was well known for the speed of their communications right up to the Middle Ages and beyond.

Academia has worked out that it must be due to the hill-top shepherds who spent generations in the mountains and noted the acoustic peculiarities of their own regions. This knowledge was then shared between each tribe and they set up a brilliant network utilising the straightness of the Roman roads.

The delivers of the latest news would sit and wait (somewhere.) Travel by horse or foot to the next mountain (somewhere) Be fed and lodged (by someone.) But only after they have told the news to another delivery man. Who would……etc

If you are expecting an answer to this riddle from me….urm….I don’t actually have one.


But I AM beginning to get a few ideas. And they begin with the fact that it wasn’t only France who used this ancient WIFI system.

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