5th Feb 2019 vs 11th April 2019

ME : 5th Feb 2019 Monatomic Gold – The Tartarian Secret that was Stolen from Us?

The video featured in my post above is no longer available. It was a live speech by the late Barry Carter about his Ormus lessons and Victor Schauberger and his experiments with water. VORTEX.

A month and a bit later the lads got together and presented THIS BS : Aquatech.

That’s when I KNEW for certain that I’d trusted the WRONG people.

And a year and a bit later Queen Bee began an Ormus campaign on the JL channel. When I called her out…I got the same old EFF OFF.

Martin has published a book based on so much that appeared here first. Like the Golden Ratio, Living Water, Empath, Incense etc.

When I publicly asked him for my money back because I was penniless (after being one of the first to buy his book) he basically told me to EFF OFF and then called me EVIL.

Nice ?

P.S. Celtic Tartarian Channel ? The Celts were spread around the world but this one (below) denies all apart from the Welsh Celts. He got VERY antsy when someone called him Scottish.

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