Child of the Mist : GB 14th of May 2019

Child of the Mist : GB 14th of May 2019

Check out the above post. It is dated and timed.

I have ALWAYS known my Scottish Family History. It was never a REAL secret. We were peasants. Reviled and persecuted.

And being an Historian – I’ve spent many years researching the FACTS.

Not just one FACT but multiple. Not just one Original Source but family talking to me.

Not just on MADE UP theory. True Lives.

A snapshot of the above post…

“Scottish poet and author Sir Walter Scot called them “The Children of the Mist.” This was a fitting name for a people who from 1488 to 1775 (1775? What a coincidence!!!)  were stripped of all rights as Scottish citizens, and had to avoid all areas of population. The name MacGregor comes from the Gaelic “MacGrioghair” meaning “Son of Gregory.” With the motto “Royal is My Race,” this proud clan continually boasted of their ROYAL ancestry. They claim direct descent from Griogar, the son of KING ALPIN (833-841 A.D.), and have never failed to assert their seniority in the Alpinian “family.””

An Act of the Scottish Parliament from 1617 stated:

“It was ordained that the name of MacGregor should be abolished and that the whole persons of that name should renounce their name and take some other name and that they nor none of their name and that they nor none of their posterity should call themselves Gregor or MacGregor under pain of death …. that any person or persons of the said clan who has already renounced their names or hereafter shall renounce their names or if any of their children or posterity shall at any time hereafter assume or take to themselves the name of Gregor or MacGregor …. that every such person or persons assuming or taking to themselves the said name …. shall incur the pain of death which pain shall be executed upon them without favour.”

This is why I’m a Greig and not a MacGregor.


1488 to 1775?

How about 1488 to 2021.

We WILL have our vengeance. If not in MY lifetime…then in the next :o)

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