Sibylline Oracles : GB 12th July 2019

Who Wrote The Sibylline Oracles?

In July 2019 I wrote about 11 or 12 or many more articles about the Sibylline Oracles and The Book of Revelation and how similar they both were.

This was done with the help of some VERY knowledgeable people who are Historians, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Astrologers, Architects and Chronologists of Professorial Level.

As always…I went this deep to try and disprove certain claims made. By the end, I SAW the path.

It is called HIS STORY.

John the Baptist is the link. Y’all know him? The one that was beheaded and said head publicly displayed on a silver platter?

Q : What is the ONLY way to kill the Highlander (there can be only one) ? ? ?

I’d give up but I’m not allowed to :o)

P.S. My brother is called Iain. Which is Scottish Gaelic for John. FACT.

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