21st of December : Winter Solstice

In MY world, there many links to the birth of Andronicus Comnenus and his twin brother John being born on the 21st of December.

The Winter Solstice.

Which would make them both Sagittarians. Like me :o)

I CANNOT prove this. I don’t have the technical skills but the links are there for all to see.

Chiron – half man, half horse is The Wounded Healer.

The Fisher King was wounded in the thigh.

Sagis are archers.

There are too many posts here about all the above and those pesky arrows.

Jesus was wounded on the cross.

Athena (Minerva) was born from her father’s head (?)

Dionysus (twice born) was birthed from his father’s thigh (?)

My parents married on the 21st of December. My mother’s sister was born on the 21st of December…as was my brother’s wife whom he married on the 21st of December.

Call me any name you want…just don’t CALL me!

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