Soemthing Rotten in the State of Denmark : But Static Made Me Laugh Out Loud :o)

GB : Mysterious Elsinore 1st of June 2019

If you don’t know Hamlet, you don’t know Elsinore. The Star Fort.

Or the NC book that links the story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the story of Christ.

Whatever. Been there. Done that.

GB : It is ALL a Never-Ending Story 19th of January 2019

But…Holy Crap. History has been rewritten in the past two years, right in front of your eyes. As Amanda B (fake Scot) said – Hamlet married an Aussie.

Shame on Mr. Fomenko and his entire team and ME. We ALL got it so very wrong.

GET THEE TO A NUNNERY, Lady Macbeth. With your insatiable appetite to rule Heaven and Hell and every person HERE ON EARTH.

Exhaling the poison, is me :o)

And not a F’kn’ FAKE FONEY “TARTARIAN” in sight.

Go Blow or Suck.

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