My Butt Is Overflowing!!

Oh my Giddy Aunt.

This is the first time in three weeks that we’ve had no rain. The water butt is relieved too.

Awesome :o)

I’ve been repotting my herbs and talking nicely to the seeds… which are very attentive. An unmoving aka trapped audience LOL.

Above is my Witchy Shelf. Such a small selection when you consider that there are WHOLE shops dedicated to this subject – but it’s been enough for me to get a good grounding on the type of literature available out there.

This way I have a solid foundation to base MY ideas/theories/ramblings/Weird History stuff on.

ALL these books above have IMMENSE bibliographies, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’ve had to teach myself exactly WHEN to stop searching – because, experience has proven that, after a certain point, everything becomes much of a muchness.

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