Obvious or What?

Melissa West is Everywhere.

She has a shop on ETSY. So do I but I don’t promote it free of charge via her fave ytuber…that one on ALERT.

She has a husband (?) in the Marines – like my Dad and my brother.

She has a Policeperson brother – like my Dad and my brother and my husband and me.

She is an expert on crystals – we had a huge yt comment bitch about this when I told her that my late mate owned a crystal shop and had taught me all he knew. Long Since deleted.

She is a gardener – like me though she only seems to grow chard.

She is a WITCHY – like me. Although I’m a Bruja not a witch. GB : 11th of July 2019 talking about my late friend Peter.

Oh. C’mon, peeps. She’s a Clone-age. Y’know. An NPC wanting to be a Real Person.

FFS. Like V and Amanda B and Rachael P and Constance B and EyestoSee and all the other female wrenches : She’s a Money-Grubbing Control Freak desperate for attention.

Ahem. Lady Zaga. Nordic Kitten. Nikki Thy. Entropy Nakifuku. Scottish Rest. Sera Tonin. StarfortMudflood. AngelTartaerRose. La Poetessa. TartarianZephyr. BeeQueen. David Greig (my late father’s name, you evil bitch)

This list is very long and very, very VERY boring.

Allegedly & in MY humble opinion only :o)

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