The Forensic Historians & Richard D Hall

A new six part series following the work of author/historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. The nine books they have so far researched and published document over 30 years of forensic historical investigation into ancient history. Their findings are controversial, which seem to be hugely feared by figures within academia, some of whom are Professors yet have no qualifications. They have suffered multiple smear campaigns, apalling corruption and even murder attempts. This series documents their struggle to get the truth out and into offical channels. We also look into their groundbreaking findings, some of which mean history needs to be re-written. They started out searching for King Arthur and found more than they bargained for. They are willing to co-operate with academia.

As I’ve said. I DO NOT AGREE with all their findings (Wilson & Blackett) but they pissed enough people off to make me sit up and listen :o)

GB 10th of May 2019 – Part 10 of MY Hidden History of the British Isles


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