YT Men Only Club : December 2019

See above.

I called them out then.

The Three Blind Mice.

UAP (Douglas)

Martin Liedtke (FEB)

Jon Levi.

ALL of whom are recorded as viewers of MY yt channel. UAP, FEB, JL

Along with their fave subs.

Gracie Dain told me, in a live chat, to Just Fuck Off then.

La Poetessa faked her joining dates and stole my POETS DAY and posted lots about the Cathars and the Languedoc.

Sarah Tonen gave MY work to Jon Levi to promote and had a song written to her by UAP.

Tartarian Zephyr is #worthless. IMO

Aye P Weakly smacks of Amada B who has to say AYE in every other comment.

The Blue….Blue was the name of my DEAD Cat. Fallyn Blue?

As for David Greig…what EVIL, sick, effed in the head, POS, Canute would steal my DEAD father’s name as a yt channel troller?

See why I have ZERO respect for ANY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?

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