I am totally unsure if anyone, anywhere gets to read me now.

BUT : In MY World, Friday is always called POETS DAY.

As in : Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday. And not TGIF!!!

Himself is on ER so he pissed off early today. Got home. Had an hour of sleep to add to the 4 hours sleep he had last night. And has now been called out for yet another Emergency Rescue.

Poets’ Day for me is always about poetry. Although I’ve not done this every Friday for a while.

Today – Edmund Spenser.

I have an old secondhand paper book of The Faerie Queene. It’s flipping HUGE.

Scholars reckon that it was Spenser’s panegyric to Betty 1…The Virgin Queen.

Unlike C.S. Lewis (image above) I’ve never, ever had the time to read the whole thing. I’m lucky to get 15 minutes, one after the other, without interruption.

But I absolutely appreciate this “poem” – errrhm – tome :o)

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