The Time of Revelation Is Now

And the Vibylline Oracle (?)

Only people who have been with me since 2018 will understand the “Vibylline” bit :o)

I wrote the following on Aug 24th 2019 : The Revelation of St John the Divine

And as I have a few screenshots of yt commenters telling me that they REFUSE to read any of MY work that had been linked in comments because AND I QUOTE VERBATIM – “It Will Cause Me Cancer.” God’s Honest Truth…I will c & v the cancer-causing stuff so as not to infect y’all through t’internet.



The Revelation of St John the Divine

Saturday, 24 August 2019, 11:34

It’s strange but true…

When you read the Sibylline Oracles and the Revelation of St John the Divine, it’s almost like the origins of both came from the same source.

If you’ve read previous Sibylline posts – you’ll be able to guess who that source ‘may’ be!

Also, it’s Possible that Revelation was not originally the last book of the New Testament but the FIRST.

Not being a Biblical scholar (or whatever) but more knowledgeable about history and chronology, this’ll take me a bit of time to work out properly and explain.

But I’ll get there :o)

My point being. We are in a time of Total Revelation aka Chickens Coming Home To Roost and not one single perp has the balls to face the Prosecution aka Me and A.N.Other.

Narcs & Bullies are always exposed as craven cowards who will forever hide behind their own ego and lies.

F A C T !

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