Grudgingly Shown Signs of Respect : I AM The ONE & Only

The attitude of some of the people in the local places that I go to every day is slowly changing.

I have NEVER worn a mask – except for once when I was Emergency taken to Casualty and they wouldn’t let me in the building to see a Doctor unless I did!

I’m now seeing people looking at me, wistfully, as I smile, thank them and leave. They may be smiling behind their masks but I’ll never see that.

I visited the Saturday Market Plant Man this morning. He’s uncovered and always recognises me as we share a nod and a grin.

Even NOW : Virtually every single shop, garage, building I enter in town has only one openly smiley person. ME.

Call me, call me by my name or call me by number
You put me through it
I’ll still be doing it the way I do it
And yet, you try to make me forget
Who I really am, don’t tell me I know best
I’m not the same as all the rest

I am the one and only
Nobody I’d rather be
I am the one and only
You can’t take that away from me

Cue 80’s (?) music

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