Sept the 2nd 1999 Came Back To Haunt Me Today :o)


I met a man in my kitchen, for the first time this morning, that I’ve come to know via others this past year.

And every timeline came crashing in.

The date above was the day after the date that my two boys and I moved up here from Hampshire.

The Removal Van got stuck somewhere so we three spent that first night in our first proper house, sleeping together on the living room floor with the cats.

I’ve already said this but – we helped the Removals Peeps move all our worldly goods in to the sound of War of the Worlds (vinyl version) blasting from our new neighbour’s house.

He was lovely. Called Pete and he came out to welcome us and apologise for the music. I said carry on. I love this album :o)

Anyways – the man that I met today is best friends with Pete’s nephew, Jake.

Jake is the son of Julie. So Julie and Pete are brother and sister.

Jake was one of my eldest’s best friends at the local school and he used to visit us quite a bit.

Julie, Jake’s Mum, went to school with me. She was and still is a truly beautiful soul.

My other neighbour, beside Pete, was a total she-nightmare who’d eff and blind at us all the time.

BUT BUT BUT : the man that I met this morning is now married to the wonderful daughter of that She-Nightmare Neighbour.

AND : Pete introduced him to War of the Worlds.

Does that make sense?

Shrug. It blew me away :o)

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